Monday, 27 October 2008


The little Rowan tree in our garden, which I raised from a tiny seedling, has developed the most wonderful leaf colours this autumn. The top of the leaf is a dusky purple, while the underside is scarlet. It was so difficult to photograph this, as the wind was blowing the leaves around, but I managed to capture the beautiful colours (even if some of them are not in focus!)

Similarly the ornamental cherries in the Park behind us. Before the wind tears the leaves off, they are subtle shades of soft yellow, orange and light green. There doesn't seem to be the big vistas of autumnal colours this year, but I've changed my focus, and found the colours are in the small things.


Sue said...

How lovely - our Rowan tree has only little dead squibby things dangling from it. No colour at all :-(

Caty said...

Very pretty! :)

Amber. said...

Lovely! Our garden is currently under snow, which is mightily strange for late October, but very beautiful.