Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Winter has still got a grip on us here in the North West of the UK.   And in other parts too - out of the town there are snowdrifts and blocked roads.   The pictures on TV look horrendous.   Luckily we have gas and electricity, and all the roads are free, certainly in the town.   My Tesco (supermarket) order came early, as the delivery man said some orders had been cancelled as the roads to Buxton, across the moors, were blocked with snow.

But this time last year we were basking in hot sunshine, wondering if anything in our garden would grow if the hot weather continued.   But of course, it didn't and it was the wettest and coldest summer on record for I don't know how many years!   And now we have the coldest March and the coldest Easter for some years to make the record books.   Though I can remember, when my daughter was much younger, that we had snow at Easter, and we actually went sledging on Easter Monday.   That was very early April.

Those That Know tell us it is all due to global warming, and the loss of Arctic ice has somehow pushed the jet stream further south, which is why we are dragging cold air from Siberia down to here.   And global warming is also blamed for the hurricanes like Sandy, and the droughts/floods/cold in the USA.

I can't see any reason to doubt these Scientists.   I know there are those who say its all a natural cycle, and so it may be, but I am sure the human race has speeded it up a lot.   I try and do my bit towards all this, but its hard sometimes to know what is right - saving on one thing seems to involve using a lot of something else which is more dangerous!

But whatever the reason for the cold spell, I wish it would pack its bags and go away!   I am tired of negotiating slippery ice-covered paths in the Park, or having to walk on the grass.   (Did that yesterday and fell into a small snow drift!)   I want Spring back, with Summer on the way, so I can pack away all my winter woollies, most of which are now wearing out, and look several pounds thinner in lighter clothes!

Happy Easter to you all!


Karen S. said...

Regardless of all I believe it's just simply unforgivable from Mother Nature to keep winter up, and so strong at that! It seems everywhere! We haven't even had a brief moment of spring, it's been winter period! Possibly the weather crews are saying this weekend we may see the high 40's. That's still not really seeing spring yet!

KathyA said...

I agree with you, Gilly. It's colder here in the mid-Atlantic than it is in Atlanta!

Diane said...

I'm with you all the way Gilly - bring back spring! All my flowers are under at least a foot of snow in the garden. xxx

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You are a smart lady Gilly. Of course it's global warming. Scientists are smart guys. Oh well. Hopefully you've had some spring weather by now. I have a feeling we're going to have a good summer.

Aunt Snow said...

Our son came to visit us in Southern CA that week, and he said that when he left his flat in Hackney Wick to go to the airport, the snow was blowing sideways.