Sunday, 27 December 2009

Images of Christmas

A lovely family Christmas! Fourteen of us sat down to a marvellous dinner cooked by our daughter, the house and table beautifully decorated. She had worked so hard to make it the resounding success it was!

We all had a hilarious time afterwards playing a game that I don't think anybody really understood but we drew, acted, guessed wildly and showed off our ignorance!

Our little great-granddaughter was there for part of the morning, and we all watched her as she tried to understand the mechanics of crawling, but couldn't quite work out how to get her other leg from underneath her. But it won't be long before she is all over the place and into everything!

Unfortunately my sister was taken ill on Boxing Day, and so we spent part of the morning down in the Hospital. She managed to rally a bit until she went home this morning (Sunday) with strcit instructions to go and see her own Doctor.

Now the snow has gone, and its cold and wet out there, not at all nice. Deinitely time for a good book tucked up indoors!


Sue said...

Ha ha - I particularly like the shot of Dad and Gus's middles!

Actually - it was only eleven at dinner - who else did you see? ;-)

kenju said...

Sounds great, Gilly, all but the part about your sister. I hope she will see her doc and be well soon.

VioletSky said...

your table looks lovely.
hope your sister's health improves.

Cloudhands said...

It sounded like a wonderful day of fun and fellowship. May your sister's troubles be few as we send prayers for a quick return to good health.

Twain12 said...

what a lovely Christmas spread...sorry about your sister though, hope she feels better soon.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas. Hope you sister will be well soon.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

joining with best wishes nd swift recovery for your sister

fab photos!

g said...

That looks like a wonderful time. I love the picture of the table. And it must have been wonderful to have all the generations of your family together in the same place.

I hope your sis is OK.

awareness said...

I love your photo collages. I LOVE the green Sue painted around the stairs. It sounds like it was a lovely time.

Get well wishes to your sister. That must've been very frightening. I hope she's on the mend Gilly.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Wow, you even got the snowy weather over there in England! Seems like everyone has gotten snow this year. Hope things calm down and winter ends fast.

How is your sister? I hope she's better now.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...